ANGELA VALERIA                                                         


2017 "Chanting On the Edge of the Volcano", Carter Burden Gallery, New York, NY 

2016 “Earth Spirit “, Carter Burden Gallery, New York, NY

2014  “Celestial Bodies , Ghosts of Extinction“, Wall in the Hall,  Carter Burden Gallery, New York

2014  “Prints and Drawings”, Galleria Iaccheo, Naples, Italy

2013  “Common Karma”, Carter Burden Gallery, Chelsea, New York, NY

2013 “ Made in Monasterace “, The Grainery in Monasterace, Calabria, Italy

2010 “ Spirits in the Material World,“ A Gathering of the Tribes Gallery, New York, NY

2008 “ Quan Yen,Boundless  Compassion” Studio San Lorenzo, Roma, and Operation Manpower,

            Asian American Art Center Chinatown, New York, NY

2006 “  A Bird in Flight is an Omen, Tribute to Charlie Parker,” 5-month Outdoor Installation, Tribe Gallery,

            New York, NY 

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Station, Ave. B, New York, NY

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2007  “ Annual Tribute to Charlie Parker,” A Gathering of the Tribes Gallery, New York

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1996    “The Millenium Film Festival,”  New York, NY

1995    “The New School Film Show,” New York, NY


2017  "Lavori Su Carta" , Casa Italiana Zerilli - Marimo, New York University, New York

​2016 “Nomads”, Scuola Grafica Internazionale di Venezia, Italia

2016 Fridge Art Fair, Angel Orensanz Synagogue, New York, NY

2015  “ The All Boro Show “, Leslie Heller Gallery,New York, NY

2015 “Figuring Abstraction” Westbeth Gallery, New York, NY

2014 “Simposio In Scario”  Scario, Italy

2014  “What You See Is What You Get”, Carter Burden Gallery

2013 “ IAVANET  Garibaldi-Meucci Museum,  Staten Island, New York, NY

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2011  “ Manhattan Graphics Center First Annual Juried Show”  New York, NY

2011   “Art  for Happiness” KiyomiYamagishi, Nagano,Japan

2010   “The Tenth Anniversary New York Society of Etchers” The Natioal Arts Club, New York, NY

2010    “Detritis, Recycling with Imagination,” Veridian Gallery,New York,NY

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   “Manhattan Graphics: India Show,” Indira Ghandi National Center for the Arts, New Delhi, India

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  “The International Paper Exhibition,” The MGC Art International /CVB Space,

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“Noah’s Ark,” Islip Art Museum, Long Island, NY

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  “Manhattan Graphic Center,” Bournhorme, England          

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1990      "The Goldfinch Club" with David Hammons, Rome, Italy

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1985      "Spirit House," Art on the Beach,collaboration with David Hammons and Jerry Barr,  

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     "Between Dreams," The First Women's Bank, New York, NY

1982       “Movement in Dance and Drawing," Lincoln Center, NYC, Kennedy Center,   

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1981    “Vice and Virtue," Kenkelaba Gallery, New York, NY

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Printmaking Residency, Scuola Grafica Internazionale di Venezia, Italia , 2017

Art residency in Telleggio, Italy, 2015

One month Printmaking Residency in Avellino, Italy, 2014

Two month,Painting Residency in Calabria, Italy

FAWA Award Recipient, Mixed Media, 2003

Visiting Artist, Galeria Manolo Rivera, Merida, Mexico, 1996

Visiting Artist, The American Academy in Rome, 1989-90

ILGWU, Finalist, Public Art Commission, Union Square, 1985

Visiting Artist, Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture, 1981


Instructor, Parsons School of the Arts, "The Language of Art and Design," 1991-1997

Film in cooperation with the New School “On the Cusp”

Instructor, Dept. of Art History, Empire State College, NYC 1983-1985

Visiting Lecturer, Hunter College, New York, NY 5/82

Set Painter and Production, Variety Scenic Studios, New York, NY 1978-1983

Instructor of Painting, Phoenix House, "Step One Program," 1978-1982

Set Design and Construction, "The Family,"  Prison Theater Group, 1977-1980

Designer of Jewlery and Artwear, featured in 4 issues of Vogue magazine, 1976-1980


1970-71 Academy of Fine Arts, Florence and Bologna

1969 BFA Hunter College

603 sixth street  Brooklyn,  New York 11213                                            718 788 7273     cell: 718 541 9903

e mail:

  The images I compose, whether dyed, drawn, painted or printed explore the indivisible link between the human race, nature and our reciprocal evolution with all the life forms that share this planet.

Inspired by deities of ancient religions, myths, and folklores, especially the Bird Women and Goddesses of the pre-historic Fertility Cults and the never failing ability of nature to nurture us spiritually, I like to combine and juxtapose animal and human features to let the spirits, often times hidden from our eyes, emerge into existence. These have been and still are mostly conscious choices of focus, but childhood memories and the circumstances of life experience are the constantly growing and evolving influences of intuition, imagination and the subconscious.    
I grew up in Brighton Beach in sight of the vast horizon of the Atlantic Ocean, the carnival atmosphere of Coney Island and surrounded by the supportive tribe of a huge Italian immigrant family. Enchanted by my mother's dancing and her ability to sew fantastic gowns, costumes, and clothes, my father's deco furniture designs, stage sets, and opera records, my grandparent’s practice of Italian voodoo, and my younger brother's talent for making a joke out of almost anything.
I always drew pictures, but it wasn't until Hunter College that I realized with great relief that I could become an artist. That was the sixties; Abstract Expressionism, Jazz, Dance, the Civil Rights Movement, and Women's Liberation were my deepest influences, but at the same time I longed for the Renaissance, Surrealism, Dada, figurative painting, and my own roots. So, I left for Italy, stayed for two years, studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence and Bologna, saw wonderful, amazing art, architecture, and  design, fell in love with Fellini's films, the Piazza- Siesta rhythm, and gave birth to my first child.

And now, three children, four grandchildren and more then a few lifetimes later, I continue to make images, still and sometimes moving, and hope to continue to create, explore, play and discover wherever this ancient practice leads me or I choose to go.

​Angela Valeria